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AirAsia Indonesia :: Go Holiday!

On the 19th of June, 2008 Aviation Network flew together with Captain Eka Christyanto and First Officer Ibrahim Aji Ishaq on an AirAsia Boeing 737-322 from Batam to Jakarta. Aircraft: Boeing 737-322 - MSN 24659 Registration : PK-AWO

We experienced what we have come to expect from AirAsia Indonesia because we regularly fly with them, a safe and comfortable flight. Their broad experience in the airline industry is visible from their professionalism and care that they exhibit to their passengers.

We flew as an ordinary fare paying passenger, and shortly after the aircraft landed in Jakarta we asked for permission to meet the crew. Because we are familiar with the issues and time constraints associated with "turnaround" we fully expected that our request would be declined. However, even though the crew were very busy they allowed us to visit them in the cockpit - exceptional! .

PK-AWO-Boeing 737-322-MSN 24659 Aircraft

Captain Eka Christyanto and First Officer Ibrahim Aji Ishaq

Captain Eka Christyanto (left) and First Officer Ibrahim Aji Ishaq were very busy but they still allowed time for a quick photo.

Captain Eka Christyanto commented that he is very happy working for AirAsia Indonesia because all training for the aircrews is conducted according to the schedules established to meet international standards for all types of aircraft operated by AirAsia, and the training is highly professional.

Captain Eka Christyanto added that AirAsia owns a Flight Acedemy in Kuala Lumpur (KL) that is complete with the latest state-of-the-art Full Flight Simulators which are also used by other airlines for training their crews, including airlines in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

First Officer Ibrahim Aji Ishaq is busy filling in the data and information required relating to the flight.
Something that we greatly appreciated was that even though we disturbed their routine to the point where the next crew was waiting to enter the cockpit, the flight attendants and incoming crew were very polite and patient. Thanks Guys!
The crew included two elegant and professional flight attendants, with a great sense of humor (what more could you ask for?).

First Officer Ibrahim Aji Ishaq

Would you like to sit in this seat?

Would you like to be sitting in the Captain's Seat?

From our experience something that is particularly good about AirAsia is their ticketing staff at the airports. We have never been offered a ticket at an elevated price.

Often the ticketing staff are particulary helpful, to the point where they will mention the prices of following flights which are at cheaper prices - we salute AirAsia's Ticketing Staff.

Our experience with AirAsia's ticketing and other services at the airports is that they are always helpful and consistent. Compared with another large airline's tiketing office at Batam, who once gave us a price for their last Batam-Jakarta flight of Rp.1,200,000 (totally unreasonable) and 15 minutes later a price of Rp.1,500,000. to another person (whom we met).

Aircraft PK-AWO is a Boeing 737-322-Reg:9M-AEA (24659 / 1836) Delivery Date: Februari 2005.

Our "Rating" for the services that AirAsia provides both on the ground and in the air is - "excellent" (based upon our frequent use of the airline). We hope that AirAsia Indonesia can maintain these standards.

Staff in the terminals and in the aircraft show genuine concern and care for their passengers, and the AirAsia ticket prices are highly competitive and very consistent.

Another AirAsia Aircraft.

We highly recommend that before making your next domestic or international reservation that you compare AirAsia's services and pricing.

Call Centre

  • Indonesia 0804 1 333 333 (within Indonesia only) or +62 21 8089 9099
  • Malaysia +60 3 8775 4000
  • Thailand +66 2 515 9999
  • Singapore +65 6733 9933
  • China +86 59 2516 7777
  • Australia 1300 760 330
Guest Support
  • Indonesia 0804 1 333 333 (within Indonesia only) or +62 21 8089 9099
  • Email guestsupport@airasia.com
  • Malaysia +60 3 8660 4388
  • Thailand +66 2 515 9999

AirAsia Indonesia